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  • Paul, Compliance Manager

Extension and Renovation Guide

Updated: Jun 13

Your Guide to House Extensions and Renovations

Have you been contemplating an extension to your home or a substantial renovation which could also include an extension? Perhaps you’re looking to create additional space for a growing family or even a dedicated environment to work safely from home. Whatever your circumstances, an extension or renovation to your home can be a daunting process and not knowing where to begin with a building project can cause confusion.

Guide to House Extensions and Renovations

If you need advice on where to start with a building project, we take a friendly and professional approach with all our clients. We are here to help you with your property ambitions. You may find this step-by-step guide useful in helping you get started:

1. Your project wish list

The first thing to do is to identify what you would like to achieve or simply draw up a wish list of what’s important to you. This will help form the basis of an initial discussion with an architect. They should be happy to meet with you at your home to discuss your requirements. We work very closely with many local architects and surveyors which we would be happy to recommend.

2. The drawings

After your architect or surveyor has met with you and understood your requirements, they will then be expressed on a drawing for your agreement or modification. They will create a design that is structurally sound, functionable and in accordance with current regulations and requirements such as Fire Safety for example. Following agreement of the final design a specification will be drawn up which should incorporate preferred elements to be used in your project such as doors, windows, skirting boards and finishes.

3. Permissions or consents to build

During this process, your designer will ascertain what consents are required. They will handle the applications and or consents that may be applicable to your project.

4. Builders quotation

Once you’re happy with your design and specification this can then be submitted to your preferred building company for a quotation. At Saunders Brothers we provide a thorough and itemised quotation detailing each aspect of your build, so you know exactly what is being priced for. We believe that the detail helps you identify a responsible, competent and trusted builder. We will happily talk through our quotation with you and discuss any aspects of your project. The possibility that the project may be over budget cannot be overlooked. We will work with you and your designer to try and align your wishes with your budget. We have a proven track record in helping in this way.

5. Legal duties

There are legal obligations for both yourself and your building company whatever the nature and size of your project, you may wish to read our blog regarding CDM. We'll give you all the help and support you need to keep you firmly on the right side of all the law and regulations. If you’re a domestic client (your project is not in connection with a business) then we can take care of your legal obligations, giving you complete peace of mind.

6. Accepting the Quotation

Once you’re happy to proceed and start dates have been agreed, you may want a formal contract, or provided all the detail is fully specified, you may think it’s unnecessary. The JCT Homeowners’ Contract is suitable for most domestic work and we and or your designer will help you find your way through it. Saunders Brothers have many satisfied customers who have chosen both routes and will be happy to work with you whatever you choose.

7. Time to build

In the months or weeks leading up to your build we will be busy preparing all the legal documents, health and safety requirements and creating our programme with our team. We will be in close contact with you at every stage leading up to your start date and we will arrange to prepare your home for the project.

We're highly experienced building contractors, although this may be the first time you’ve undertaken a building project, you may have many more questions. You may find our blogs ‘Frequently asked questions by homeowners’ and ‘Tips when choosing your builder’ very useful to you as well as our dedicated ‘Homeowners’ page.

If there's anything you'd like to know that's not covered here, please do contact one of our friendly team at or call 01844 273783 as we'll only be too happy to help.


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