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This beautiful farmhouse restoration and renovation has undergone a complete transformation from the poor state it was left in after a fire almost destroyed it. See the restoration and renovation journey this charming farmhouse went through. 

farmhouse RESTORATION 
Great Kimble, Buckinghamshire


To restore a well loved home back to it's original state after it was almost completely destroyed by fire. Situated in a conservation area, the property was sympathetically restored and renovated to suit its surroundings, but most importantly to retain it's much loved character that the client cherished.


Farmhouse restoration
and renovation


Great Kimble, Buckinghamshire


50 weeks


Farmhouse restoration and renovation kitchen (2).jpg

The Build

After the ruin had been made structurally safe it was clear that there was a lot of contamination from the fire. As expected from any fire damaged property there was a lot of cleaning up to be done, in addition to the start of the restoration and renovation process.

There were many improvements that the client wished to make to her property including the kitchen, bathrooms, installation of underfloor heating as well as future-proofing the property with a residential lift.

We were able to salvage and re-use many original bricks, which was almost essential in recreating the period ethos of the building. However, the roof was re-tiled with new tiles as nearly all the originals had been destroyed. The search for new tiles was long and demanding but finally successful. The brickwork and roofing harmonise perfectly.


A beautiful and homely farmhouse that has been fully restored and renovated back from almost complete destruction. The building has retained it's original charm and character just as the client had hoped for.


  • Property restored from almost complete destruction

  • Traditional building methods

  • Satisfied conservation area requirements

  • High standard of finish

  • Future-proofed property with a lift

  • Detailed in close consultation with the client

  • Bespoke joinery elements throughout

  • Modernised and enhanced amenities

  • Completed on time and on budget

Farmhouse restoration and renovation fireplace.jpg

Client Testimonial

“At the beginning of 2021 my house was completely destroyed in a fire. The extent of the damage left the house in an unrecognizable state which was very upsetting as this is a house I absolutely loved. I really wanted to try and restore the house to the way it was before it burnt down. I honestly did not think that this would be possible. After many months of searching for builders to meet my requirements I decided to put my trust in Saunders Brothers and I am so very glad I did. From the beginning the team were amazing, really listened and went through the options before work began. The project was lengthy due to the amount of damage and Saunders were professional, friendly and really took care throughout the whole process. Not only this, they made sure I was involved in every small detail, like working as a team. This was so important to me and the outcome was fantastic. I could not recommend Saunders Brothers highly enough and now my home is restored to its former glory. Thank you again.”

Homeowner, Buckinghamshire

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