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Established since 2005, our professional, reliable, and communicative approach fosters successful collaborations with architects. Benefit from our comprehensive specifications, diligent project management, and unwavering commitment to quality.

Main duties of  a Principal Contractor


Plan, manage, monitor and co-ordinate the whole of the construction work. It can be a challenge, but we have always managed to maintain safe working practises, however many contractors have been on site.


Provide a Construction Phase Plan. We always submit a written Construction Phase Plan for the Principal Designer's approval, and keep it updated as necessary during the works.


Ensure suitable welfare facilities are provided for workers throughout the project. We respect our site staff and would not wish them to work with inadequate welfare facilities.


Provide site induction for workers and visitors.  Through site inductions, with comprehensive sets of induction notes ensure that both site workers and visitors are well informed on Health and Safety, emergency procedures, first aid facilities and details of the site, the people and the project.


Set up and maintain secure site boundaries.


Draw up the site rules to help everyone work safely and responsibly.


Consult with staff on health and safety. We have to do so by law and it's also the best way to get co-operation and foster a culture of health and safety.


Ensure the site is a safe workplace, including provision for the safety of the public near site boundaries and for the homeowner on domestic sites.

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Established as a limited company in 2005, Saunders Brothers (Bucks) Ltd. are professional, reliable and conscientious building contractors.


We believe our success lies in good communication with the architect and client from start to completion. Comprehensive specifications, effective project management and detailed due diligence all contribute to the achievement of a successful project.


Our experienced in-house team take great pride in their work, maintaining a clean and tidy work space and using only quality materials and products. Our strong working relationships are forged through listening, understanding and being prepared to go the extra mile.

10 questions frequently asked by architects.


1.What area do you cover?

Roughly a 35-mile radius round Princes Risborough but it would vary from job to job. We might go further to a job that matched our strengths.

2. Are you financially secure with all the resources needed for my project?

We have a strong cashflow, we own our own premises, our vehicles and our plant. Most site staff are employees and we don’t ask for deposits. 

3. Do you have at least £2m public and products liability and £5m employer’s liability insurance?

Yes, in fact we have more than double that.

4. Does Saunders Brothers use sub-contractors?


Yes we do. Our employed staff cover core trades but to accommodate varying volumes of work, we have a small number of good sub-contractors, well known to us.


5. Can you provide a copy of your Health and Safety Policy?

Yes. In fact, we have three documents. Our Health and Safety Policy Statement is a broad brushstrokes commitment to health and safety. The Health and Safety Policy itself gives more detail and our Health and Safety Manual is for reference. It gives full details for all activities.


6. Why not amalgamate them?

The three documents serve different purposes. The Policy Statement just tells people we take health and safety seriously. The Policy itself is more detailed and we go through it in company inductions for new staff. The Health and Safety Manual runs to over 140 pages and is a full reference document.


7. Would you remedy defects found after the end of the liability period?


We have a long track record of standing by our work. We wouldn’t quibble about the date if a genuine fault needed rectifying.


8. Have the Health and Safety Executive ever taken action against you?


No never, and we don’t intend ever to give them any reason to do so.


9. When could you start a new project?


After all pre-construction procedures are complete. When necessary, we can start work very quickly but we won’t cut corners. We believe that working correctly, efficiently and safely serves the Client’s best interests.


​10. What about tender returns?


We aim to return tenders on time, normally four to five weeks, with a fully priced document.

Main duties of a Principal Contractor

The Construction Design and Management (CDM 2015) Regulations, which govern all construction work, require a Principal Contractor to be appointed on any project with more than one contractor. Whether there’s a Principal Contractor or sole contractor, his main duties are...

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