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COTTAGE EXTENSION INCLUDING NEW KITCHEN and master bedroom with en suite
Speen, Buckinghamshire

The Project





To create a large kitchen extension, master bedroom and en suite, consistent with the period of the property. 


Demolition and alteration of the existing house were minimal in this project, but the kitchen was carefully demolished, so a temporary kitchen was installed for the use of the client's family who remained in residence throughout the build. 


The cleanliness of the site was favourably commented on by the clients and because the family included young children, Saunders Brothers high standards of Health and Safety were also greatly appreciated. 


The end result was a cottage extension that blends almost seamlessly with the original but provides for a modern family lifestyle. 

Period Cottage

Speen, Buckinghamshire

24 weeks


“We’re really pleased with the high quality of Saunders Bros workmanship and their professional approach. Always presenting a solution rather than a problem.“

Alex, Homeowner, Speen, Buckinghamshire

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