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Explore this stunning large home extension, offering increased space and modern upgrades including a spacious sitting room, redesigned kitchen, extended master suite, utility room, home office, and a new, larger garage.


Property extension and upgrades


Aston Rowant, Oxfordshire

LARGE HOME Extension and property upgrades
Aston Rowant, Oxfordshire

The Project


37 weeks


Our Client’s wish-list extended over a number of areas such as increased space, upgrades and adaptions to remodel parts of their home to suit their current wishes and improvements in their garden.

Ian Slater’s design ticked all the boxes and Saunders Brothers integrated a full upgrade of the heating and plumbing system with construction of a partly two storey and partly single storey extension, including a larger sitting room, extension and upgrade of the master bedroom suite, a redesigned and modernised kitchen, utility room, an office, increased garage space and paved areas and other improvements in the garden.

A range of construction work together with kitchen fitters, comprehensive plumbing and heating work in all parts of the house and extensive outside paving were worked into an efficient programme that made best use of the available time and shortened the duration of the project.


"Having collaborated with Saunders Brothers on multiple projects through the years there is always an appreciation in their effective communication and experienced project management. From concept to completion I know that I can rely on the professionalism, craftsmanship and abilities of Saunders Brothers."

Ian Slater, Ian Slater Architectural Design

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