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  • Paul, Compliance Manager

Duties of the Principal Contractor

Updated: May 22

The Construction Design & Management (CDM 2015) regulations, which govern all construction work, require a Principal Contractor to be appointed on any project with more than one contractor. Whether there’s a Principal Contractor or sole contractor, their are main duties to be adhered to. We outline some of the duties of the Principal Contractor below:

Duties of the Principal Contractor

  1. Plan, manage, monitor and coordinate the whole of the construction work.

  2. Provide a Construction Phase Plan. This gives details of Health and Safety measures and emergency procedures.

  3. Ensure suitable welfare facilities are provided for workers and visitors throughout the project.

  4. Provide site induction for workers and visitors. This will cover details of the site, the project, Health and Safety, first aid and emergency procedures.

  5. Set up and maintain secure site boundaries.

  6. Draw up the site rules to help everyone work safely and responsibly.

  7. Consult with staff on Health and Safety. We have to do so by law and it’s also the best way to get cooperation and foster a culture of Health and Safety.

  8. Ensure the site is a safe workplace, including provision for the safety of the public near site boundaries and for the homeowner on domestic sites.

Saunders Brothers take the Health and Safety of everyone we work with or who comes onto our sites very seriously. If you would like any further information or would like a copy of our Health and Safety Policy, please get in touch here or simply email us at


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