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Keeping Construction Going during Covid

Updated: May 22

At Saunders Brothers we pride ourselves in delivering your project - whether a dream home or prestigious new office - safely, efficiently and with minimal disruption to our clients. The Covid-19 pandemic suggests anything but ‘minimal disruption’ and the mission here at Saunders Brothers is to continue to achieve utmost safety by investing in responsible management, excellent training and skilful staff - we think that’s why our safety record is so good.

We care about everyone’s health & safety and ultimately it’s at the forefront of our business. Whilst our effective planning and open communication towards health & safety is proactively adhered to, we understand that people have questions surrounding construction during Covid-19 and here we answer the two main questions:

How is it possible to keep construction work going safely during the Covid-19 pandemic?

We follow the best guidance available to cut risk down to the level classified “Covid Secure” in the Construction Leadership Council’s (CLC’s) guidelines. We can’t guarantee we’re 100% safe because nobody can, but we do all we can to cut the risk down to the barest minimum.

Is it safe to ask us to work in your home?

We’ll follow both the government’s general guidelines and the CLC’s guidelines for the construction industry. If you want building work done and you contact us, Covid-19 safety will be a big item in our discussions. We won’t work where we can’t be safe and we won’t agree to put you at risk either. We can’t claim to be 100% safe but we don’t know of anyone safer - we’re working hard to keep it that way by using our best efforts to follow the best medical guidance. It seems to work.

Saunders Brothers have undertaken hundreds of local building projects over the years and have a thorough understanding of the planning process, regulations, health & safety and contracting procedures. We always follow the necessary checks and protocols when it comes to starting a new project and can guide you through this with minimum trouble to yourselves.

You can view our Health & Safety information on our website and if you have any questions or would like to talk to us about a building project please email us or call us 01844 273783.

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